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The Smell Of Death – The Shocking Truth

It is true that you experience a distinct smell of death when the final moment arrives for your dear or near ones. This is one of the unique ways the body prepares itself for the final days of life. This death smell is a distinctive odor and the person at the verge of death usually has clinical signs to concur with the smell. It is part of the dying process when the tissues are already dying. The smell of death is indeed frightening and disturbing and nothing could be done to stop this.

This smell of death is usually noticed in people who are approaching death and whose bodies are shutting down gradually and slowly. When a person’s system slows down and the metabolic changes from the breath, skin and the body fluids takes place it results in the production of a peculiar acetone odor. When this occurs it creates and uncomfortable situation for those around the person. However this smell is not experienced in people who die all of a sudden.


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